GlobalMet - Pronósticos Meteorológicos
Identify the most suitable periods for sowing, planting and / or harvesting.
Estimate resources more accurately, consume less water and reduce electrical energy.
We show you the future of the weather so you can take care of and grow your business.


GlobalMet is a company dedicated to weather forecasting and weather monitoring for farmers.

About Us

GlobalMet was born out of the concern of a group of young Mexicans, who, seeing the need to counteract the lack of weather information in Mexico, started the project of offering a system of distribution of weather forecasts to farmers in the northwest of the country.

GlobalMet offers the analysis of 16 different models to provide the climatological and meteorological information specific to your field in a personalized and exclusive way that will be very useful for decision making.

Globalmet Team

We have a team of highly trained specialists who analyze and structure the information based on our algorithm, to provide accurate and accurate data for the farmer.


To be a tool that provides reliable and timely information that significantly supports the decision making of all economic activities of public and private companies, which are affected by the weather.


In 2022, GlobalMet will be the leading company in the Americas in the distribution of meteorological and climatological information, providing support to the primary sectors in which the knowledge generated directly impacts their productivity.


Discipline, Self-criticism, Respect, Proactivity. Perseverance, Availability to change, Responsibility, Learning, Trust, Appreciation, Passion,


GlobalMet is a company dedicated to weather forecasting and weather monitoring for farmers.

Analysis of specific weather information for your field.

GlobalMet uses NOAA satellite information (National and Atmospheric Administration) and information from meteorological stations near the contracted points. Through numerical processing, GlobalMet is able to generate accurate and relevant information for each of the contracted locations.

Future forecasts of up to 21 days, avoid surprises.

Predictions of temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, cloudiness, pressure, visibility, radiation, dew point and soil temperature.

Coverage throughout Mexico and Chile

Globalmet has a robust team of meteorologists and specialists to identify each zone, and in this way provide reliable and accurate information.

Receive notifications on your mobile phone, wherever you are.

You can download the GlobalMet app to your Android phone from the Play Store or your iPhone phone from the App Store. Both applications are free and allow you to access all the forecasts of your fields, wherever you have an Internet connection.

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GlobalMet is a company dedicated to weather forecasting and weather monitoring for farmers.

Efficientizes irrigation, use only what is necessary

Estimate more accurately the evaporation your field will have. Consume less water and reduce your energy expenditure.

Plan your planting dates

Identify the most appropriate periods to carry out the various tasks of sowing, planting and / or harvesting.

Program the application of agrochemicals

Avoid surprises after the application of expensive agrochemicals that are susceptible to conditions such as rain or wind. Analyze appropriate dates.

Prevention activities program

When detecting meteorological conditions that could cause accidents in the fields, the farmer can program activities to reduce adverse effects.


The weather station is installed in the fields and has a direct connection to the globalmet servers, which allows us to monitor the information live and process it based on our algorithm.


  • Temperature
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Wind
  • Precipitation
  • Leaf moisture
  • Pressure sensor
  • flow meters
  • pressure switches
  • Soil salinity
  • Water levels
  • soil moisture
  • Soil temperature

Globalmet has a combination of technologies and proprietary algorithms, as well as the interpretation of meteorological models.


GlobalMet is a company dedicated to weather forecasting and weather monitoring for farmers.

The purpose of this service contract was to have weather forecasts in the short and medium term and based on that, agronomic decisions are made.

Daniel Bon Camou

Grupo Alta

I could tell you that the accuracy of 90% is an information that is very useful to us.

Marco Antonio Molina

Grupo Molina

Without a doubt, it comes to mark a before and after in our industry. Through GlobalMet, it has been possible to program the sowing and transplanting calendar, cultural tasks, foliar chemical applications and fertigation. In addition, the format of the information is personalized, simple, practical and truthful. A great tool.

César Ortiz

Agrofesa General Director

I have been using the GlobalMet weather forecast site for several weeks. The forecasts have been of great help particularly for the acclimatization of in-vitro plants.
I look forward to using it for the harvest.

Wil Lemmer

Grupo Alta - Investigation and development


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